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Pan Holder

This Pan Holder secures your Pots to stay in place for one-handed stirring. It makes stirring with one hand easy with the Pan holder.


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Product Description

The Pan Holder is an ideal kitchen aid to secure your pots in place to allow for one-handed stirring.   Designed to help where you need the pan to remain in place if you only have use of one hand.  Simple to use by placing the pan handle in the slot of the steel-wire frame. Attach to the stove top with the suction cup feet.  The Holder is suitable for different sizes of pots and pans.  The epoxy coating to prevent scratches on ranges and cookware.

Benefits of the Pan Holder

  • 1 x Pan Holder
  • Kitchen aid to help with cooking
  • Ideal for one handed users
  • Steel wired frame
  • Suction feet for safely securing to cooker top
  • Suitable for different sizes of pots
  • Epoxy coating prevents scratching

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