Permanent GE KeySafe

Attaches to any wall or flat surface  – holds 4-5 Yales keys or 1-2 Chubb keys.






Product Description

Permanent GE KeySafe: Securing Independence with Confidence

Elevate your household security with the Permanent GE KeySafe, a reliable solution tailored for the elderly and individuals with mobility issues. This key safe effortlessly attaches to any wall or flat surface, ensuring accessibility while maintaining security. With top-notch features and discreet design, the Permanent GE KeySafe is your essential companion for safeguarding independence.

Benefits of the Permanent GE KeySafe

  • Secure Wall Attachment with Dynabolts: Rest easy knowing your keys are safe and accessible. The Permanent GE KeySafe comes with 4 dynabolts, facilitating a secure attachment to any wall or flat surface. The robust installation ensures durability and reliability for everyday use.
  • Ample Storage Capacity: This key safe isn’t just secure; it’s spacious too. With the capacity to hold 4-5 Yale keys or 1-2 Chubb keys, the Permanent GE KeySafe offers ample storage for your essential keys, providing a comprehensive solution for secure key management.
  • Protective Neoprene Cover: Shield your key safe from the elements with the included black neoprene cover. This protective cover not only conceals the GE KeySafe discreetly but also ensures its longevity by guarding against weather conditions. Your keys remain secure and well-protected.
  • Ideal Household Aid for Independent Living: The Permanent GE KeySafe is more than just a key storage solution; it’s a key to maintaining independent living. With secure and easily accessible key storage, individuals can navigate their homes confidently.
  • Versatile Wall or Flat Surface Attachment: Tailor the placement of your key safe to your convenience. Whether attached to a wall or flat surface, the Permanent GE KeySafe adapts to your living space, offering flexibility without compromising security.
  • Ample Key Storage Capacity: Never worry about misplacing your keys again. With the capacity to hold multiple keys, this key safe provides a centralized and secure location for essential keys, streamlining your daily routines.
  • Discreet Design with Protective Cover: The black neoprene cover not only conceals the key safe but also protects it from the elements. Enjoy discreet key storage that prioritizes both security and aesthetics.

The Permanent GE KeySafe is more than a key storage solution; it’s a commitment to enhancing security and independence for the elderly and individuals with mobility issues. Safeguard your keys with confidence and convenience.

Product Specification

  • Weight 900g
  • External size 4″ (H) x 2″ (W) x 2″ (D).
  • Internal size 2″ (H) x 1″ (W) x 1″ (D)

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