Plastic Wobble Board

A 14-degree angle makes it easier to use and is recommended for children, the older generation and anyone who is in the early/intermediate stages of rehabilitation following surgery or serious injury.






Product Description

The Plastic Wobble Board is an ideal home exercise and rehabilitation therapy product.  It has a 14-degree angle which makes it easier to use and is recommended for children, the older generation and anyone who is in early/intermediate stages of rehabilitation following surgery or serious injury.   The Wobble Board is a perfect exercise aid for many users whatever your age or ability.  Helps to improves your balance and builds your body shape.  Non-slip surface provides safety and security.

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Benefits of The Plastic Wobble Board

  • 1 x Wobble Board
  • Ideal home exercise and rehabilitation equipment
  • Made from PVC
  • Non-slip surface
  • 14 degree angle
  • Colour: black with a silver centre.
  • Maximum user weight of 16 stone (100kg).
The wobble board is ideal to aid circulation in the legs and ankles.  The movement helps enhance the range of motion in your legs and ankles and by working to stabilise your body and maintain your balance you will build strength in your core, back, glutes and leg muscles.  Improving all round  strength, stability and posture.  Balance training builds tissues in muscles that get used on a regular basis. 

Wobble Board Exercises

Balance Exercises 

Balancing on the board strengthens muscles in the lower legs and ankles.  Simply stand on the board and try to keep balanced on top for as long as you can.  Try to keep your hands by your side for maximum benefit.

Side-to-Side Taps

Once you have mastered standing on the board try to use a side-to-side tap.  Start by standing on the board and slowly lean back and forth, left and right and try to get the board to touch the ground as you move.  This exercise will improve muscle control.

Balanced Squat

Stand on top of the board with your feet hip-width apart and keep your legs straight.  Slowly start to squat down, by moving as if you were going to take a seat.  Keep your head and shoulder vertical.  This exercise is great for improving core strength.

Kneeling Spin

A more advanced exercise.  Start by putting your hands on your hips and kneel down with your knees on the board. Slowly rotate in one direction and in the opposite direction.  While you are moving concentrate on the motion of your abdominal muscles.

Eyes Shut

Only do this exercise if you are an advanced user of the wobble board.  It is much more difficult to balance on the board with your eyes closed.    Always start by getting your balance on the board in a standing position with your eyes open.    Next, try to lift one foot off the board and try to balance with the other.   Once you have your balance close your eyes and then swap to the other foot.