Prima Straight Grab Bar

One of the strongest and most attractive grab bars on the market. The bars feature special soft grip mouldings around the bar to reduce the risk of slipping, even with wet soapy hands.








Product Description

 The Prima Straight Grab Bar is a new innovative designed grab rail. The Prima grab bar is long-lasting and durable and one of our most secure grab rails. Manufactured in one piece moulded plastic it includes an internal aluminium tube that gives them superior strength. The aluminium tube will not rust.
The grab rails are designed with a special moulding that gives them a softer grip and reduces slippage when using even if your hands are soapy and wet. The specially designed moulding gives a comfortable grip and unlike most metal grab bars you can enjoy never having touch cold metal after a lovely warming bath or shower. The grab bars can be positioned to suit your individual room or situation in horizontal, vertical or diagonal mounting.
Live Well Now also stock the Prima Angled Grab Bar which is ideal for use if the hand strength is weaker as it can help the user to rise perhaps from a seated position. The concealed screw mounting points colour coordinate with the plastic covers.

Benefits of the Prima Straight Grab Bar

  • Grab bar to improve safety in the bathroom
  • Innovative design to maximise safety
  • Can be used around the home
  • Soft grip moulding to ensure a firm grip
  • Durable
  • Secure easy to grip rail
  • One-piece moulded plastic
  • Internal aluminium tube
  • Non-rust
  • Secure grip

 Product Specification

  • 1 x Prima Straight Grab Bar
  • Plastic outer and reinforced aluminium inner
  • 300mm (12″)
  • 400mm (16″)
  • 450mm (18″)
  • 600mm (24″)

Colours Choices: White |  White and Mint

LIVE WELL NOW have a full range of Grab Bars to suit your individual requirements and lifestyle



12", 16", 18", 24"


Mint, White