Pull Up Pants

Ultra-convenient, these pull up pants help retain independence and dignity for users.  With high absorbency levels, these disposable pants are highly elasticated and are comfortably shaped for both men and women.








Product Description

Lille Suprem Pull Up Pants: Elevate Independence with Comfort and Convenience

Discover the epitome of convenience and dignity with Lille Suprem Pull Up Pants, specially designed for the elderly and individuals with mobility issues. These ultra-convenient disposable pants redefine independence by combining high absorbency with a comfortable and secure fit. Shaped for both men and women, these pants prioritize ease of use, allowing you to navigate your day with confidence and comfort.

Benefits of Lille Suprem Pull Up Pants

  • Highly Absorbent: Experience superior protection with Lille Suprem Pull Up Pants, boasting high absorbency levels. Stay confident and dry throughout the day, knowing these pants are designed to handle varying levels of fluid.
  • Disposable Convenience: Embrace the ease of disposable pants that simplify your daily routine. Lille Suprem Pull Up Pants offer a hassle-free solution, ensuring you can maintain hygiene without compromising on comfort.
  • Elasticated for Security: Feel secure and confident with the highly elasticated design of these pull-up pants. The elastication provides a snug fit, preventing leaks and ensuring optimal comfort as you go about your activities.
  • Comfortable for Both Genders: Designed with the comfort of both men and women in mind, these pants feature a thoughtful shape that accommodates various body types. Enjoy a tailored fit that enhances comfort without sacrificing functionality.
  • Retain Independence: Enjoy a renewed sense of independence and dignity with Lille Suprem Pull Up Pants. Designed for easy use, these pants empower you to manage your daily activities with confidence.
  • Ultimate Convenience: Simplify your routine with the ultimate convenience of disposable pants. Lille Suprem Pull Up Pants ensure that maintaining personal hygiene is a straightforward and stress-free process.
  • Enhanced Security: Experience enhanced security with the elasticated design, providing a snug fit that stays in place. Say goodbye to worries about leaks and discomfort, and move through your day with peace of mind.
  • Tailored Comfort: Appreciate the thoughtful design that caters to both men and women. Lille Suprem Pull Up Pants offer a comfortable and tailored fit, prioritising your well-being and comfort.

Lille Suprem Pull Up Pants redefine the standard for convenience, absorbency, and comfort in disposable pants. Whether you’re a man or a woman, these pants enhance your independence, allowing you to embrace each day with confidence and ease. Elevate your daily routine with Lille Suprem Pull-Up Pants – because comfort and convenience should always go hand in hand.

Product Specification

  • Medium: 80cm – 110cm  (31.5″ x 43″)
  • Large:     110cm – 150cm  (43″ x 59″)
  • XLarge:  120cm – 160cm (47″ x 63″)
  • Medium – 8 packs x 14
  • Medium – 1 pack x 14
  • Large – 8 packs x 14
  • Large – 1 pack x 14
  • X Large – 8 packs x 14
  • X Large – 1 pack x 14

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L, M, XL


1 x 14, 8 x 14