RADAR Disabled Toilet Key

With this radar key, those who require the use of locked disabled toilets can be confident they will be able to safely gain access to them.








Product Description

The RADAR Disabled Toilet Key for disabled toilets has been designed for people who need to use a locked disabled toilet when getting out and about. Now they can have the confidence to know that they can have access to disabled toilets to meet their needs as and when they require. The key fits public toilets with wide entryways and disability symbols on the door.

There are over 10,000 toilets fitted with radar locks that can now be found throughout the UK, in shopping centres, pubs, cafés, parks, footpaths, airports, stations and many other locations. Unlike regular public toilets, these toilets are often locked and are regularly only available for use on request.

The radar key scheme ensures that people who need to use accessible toilets are no longer required to hunt down a member of staff to unlock the door so that they can use them. Disabled people’s toilets are big, private and less likely to be occupied, as a result, they are open to misuse by the general public.  The Radar Key Scheme enables these disabled toilets to be locked, to prevent vandalism and misuse.

Benefits of  the RADAR Disabled Toilet Key

  • Allows access to disabled toilets
  • Opens over 10,000 disabled toilets
  • Toilets located throughout the UK
  • Gives confidence in getting out and about

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For further information and guidance on Radar Keys read our guide to radar keys and disabled toilets