Red Selenite Candle Holder

The Red Selenite Candle Holder brings calm and soothing properties to any room although is especially beneficial in the bedroom as the selenite crystals are known to aid sleep.

Enjoy the feelings of peace and tranquillity that emanate from this beautiful item.

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Product Description

This Red Selenite Candle Holder is a gorgeous additional to any room.  When you add the tea light candle it enhances the natural peach colour allowing it to flickering and glistening giving a lovely peaceful effect.  As this is 100% natural the colour, weight and measurements will vary slightly from one piece to another.  The Red Selenite means moon stone or moon rock from the Greek word selenites.  It is found on salt plains and forms just beneath the surface.   It is said to have many healing properties Selenite including  calming and soothing which helps to  bring a deep peace and sense of tranquillity.  A lovely gift for friends and loved ones.

Product Specification for the Red Selenite Candle Holder

  • 1 x Red Selenite Candle Holder
  • Approximate size 7cm x 11cm
  • Cut polished top
  • Average weight 1 kg
  • Each piece is unique