Regular Goodie Strap

The strap fits most adult hands and will accommodate Good Grips utensils and other large, built-up handles.  Ideal for anyone who limited dexterity, reduced hand grip or limited hand and arm function










Product Description

The Regular Goodie Strap for Good Grips Cutlery Range is an ingenious solution meticulously crafted to empower individuals facing limited mobility and dexterity challenges. Mealtimes are about to become more enjoyable and hassle-free than ever before.

Our Regular Goodie Strap is a game-changer when it comes to improving user control while eating. Designed with precision, this elastic utensil strap offers a secure and comfortable grip on large and built-up handles, ensuring a seamless dining experience.

With two different-sized loops, our Regular Goodie Strap effortlessly accommodates a range of handle sizes. It is the perfect companion for Good Grips Cutlery and other utensils with large, built-up handles, making it a versatile addition to your dining routine.

Benefits of the Goodie Strap for Good Grips Cutlery

  • Empower Dining Independence: The Regular Goodie Strap is more than just an accessory—it’s a tool for reclaiming dining autonomy. Whether you face reduced hand grip, limited dexterity, or compromised hand and arm function, this strap empowers you to savor meals with confidence.
  • Streamlined Usage: This elastic utensil strap is a catalyst for streamlined dining. It slides effortlessly onto large and built-up handles, providing a secure and comfortable grip that reduces the risk of slips and spills.
  • Effortless Handling: Experience the ease of handling utensils like never before. The Regular Goodie Strap adapts to your needs, allowing you to focus on the pleasure of eating rather than the challenges of grip.
  • Adaptive Design: Designed for real-life needs, this strap boasts an expandable elastic construction with two loops to accommodate different handle sizes. It fits most adult hands comfortably, ensuring a snug and secure fit for enhanced dining control.
  • Hygienic Convenience: Embrace the ease of maintenance with the Regular Goodie Strap. It can be machine washed to maintain its cleanliness and freshness, ensuring a hassle-free dining aid that’s ready for every meal.
  • Durable and Reliable: Crafted for longevity, the Regular Goodie Strap is built to withstand frequent use. Designed to be a reliable companion for your dining journey.

Transform your dining experience with the Regular Goodie Strap. At our Mobility Shop, we’re committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with limited mobility and dexterity, and this strap embodies that commitment. Elevate your mealtimes  and rediscover the joy of effortless dining control.


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