Revitive Foot and Leg Cream

A moisturising cream that helps to moisturise dry feet and improve the overall performance of the Circulation Booster system.






Product Description

For those who rely on the Revitive Advanced Performance Circulation Booster, achieving smooth and hydrated feet is key to unlocking its true potential. Enter the Revitive Foot and Leg Cream – your solution to ensuring flawless machine performance and unparalleled comfort.

Experience the difference that hydrated feet can make in the performance of your Circulation Booster. The Revitive Foot and Leg Cream is expertly crafted to combat dryness, a factor that can interfere with your machine’s effectiveness. By embracing this cream, you’re setting the stage for maximum benefits and relief.

Apply it to your feet and experience its quick absorption, leaving your skin feeling velvety smooth and perfectly hydrated. This cream becomes your key to ensuring that your Revitive Circulation Booster works at its absolute best.

As the ultimate complement to your Circulation Booster, this cream guarantees that you reap the maximum rewards from your device, every single time.

Key Benefits of  our Revitive Foot and Leg Cream

  • Performance Amplification: This cream is designed to enhance the performance of your Revitive Circulation Booster, ensuring you experience its full potential.
  • Moisturisation Excellence: Combat dryness and embrace moisturised feet, a crucial factor in ensuring the machine’s effectiveness.
  • Maximising Benefits: By adding the Revitive Foot and Leg Cream to your routine, you ensure that every use of your Circulation Booster is maximally beneficial.
  • Quick Absorption: Experience the convenience of a cream that absorbs rapidly, leaving your feet smooth and nourished.
  • Flawless Partnership: The Revitive Foot and Leg Cream is the perfect companion to your Circulation Booster, guaranteeing you a holistic experience of comfort and support.

Experience the power of moisturised feet, elevate your Circulation Booster’s performance, and embrace maximum benefits.

Product Specification

  • 170 ml/5.75 fl oz
  • 1 x 170 ml tube of cream  (5.75fl. oz)