Rocker Board

Designed for use as part of a strength and reconditioning programme and to help lessen the harmful effects of arthritic joints.






Product Description

A very high standard wooden rocker board that has a surface made of cork. It is designed to be used by an individual who wants to build strengthening and conditioning into their daily workout routine. It is also ideally suited to use as part of a strength and reconditioning programme and to help alleviate the negative impact of arthritic joints.

Key Uses of a Rocker Board

  • Great for improving a sense of balance
  • Builds strength and mobility back to ankles after injury or sprains
  • Injury prevention is far preferable to injury care and this product attends to this objective perfectly

How to get the most from your Rocker Board

  • Plan for the board to improve ankle extension and to help with flexion exercises
  • As soon as secure using both feet progress to single leg stances for maximum gain
  • After working on static holds you might then add movement to the balancing act – you might use a softball which you can transfer from hand to hand while balancing
  • You could try sitting on the board, with your back straight and knees bent and your feet lifted off the surface and the balancing point transferred to your buttocks – when feeling expert, try it with your eyes closed

Product Specification

  • 1 x Rocker Board
  • An exercise and rehabilitation product that can be part of a regular strengthening regime
  • Depth – 50 cm wooden
  • Rocker board weight: 3.3kgs (7.25lbs)
  • Surface – ribbed, non-slip superior cork surface
  • Non-slip square platform with wooden rocker support
  • Suitable for use by adults and children
  • How to maintain – easily wiped clean with a damp cloth
  • Portable and easily stored
  • Recommended maximum user weight of up to 25 stone
  • 12-degree tilt – board tilts to either side
  • Ideal for one-directional exercise
  • Maximum user weight 25st (160kg)

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