Roll Up Aluminium Ramp

A compact, roll-up, aluminum ramp for easy access to houses and cars for wheelchairs and scooters.

  • Easy access to houses and cars
  • Ideal for wheelchairs or scooters
  • Portable, compact design is quick to install
  • Supplied with a handy carry bag
  • Rolled up Size 190x150x900mm





Product Description

Roll Up Aluminium Ramp helps ensure safe and stable access for wheelchair, mobility scooter, and rollator users. This innovative Compact Roll Up Ramp is designed to provide seamless accessibility to homes, cars, and gardens, offering convenience, versatility, and peace of mind for the elderly and disabled individuals in need of reliable mobility solutions.

With our ramp, you can enjoy semi-permanent access without the need for costly construction work or permanent installations. Simply position the ramp wherever necessary and leave it in place for as long as required. When the time comes to move or adjust, the ramp can be effortlessly rolled up and relocated without any hassle.

When not in use, the Compact Roll-Up Aluminium Ramp folds up quickly and easily. Its compact design allows for convenient storage in any corner of your home, and it can also be transported with ease. For added convenience, we provide a specially designed carry bag with handles, ensuring that you can take your ramp wherever you go.

Crafted from high-quality aluminium, this ramp combines strength and durability to support your mobility needs. It boasts a maximum load weight of 300kg, providing robust support for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and rollators. Rest assured that you or your loved ones can rely on this ramp for safe and secure passage.

With the Compact Roll Up Aluminium Ramp, you can empower yourself or your loved ones to maintain an active and independent lifestyle. Whether it’s accessing your home, loading and unloading from vehicles, or enjoying the serenity of your garden, this ramp enables you to navigate various environments with confidence and ease.

Invest in your independence and regain control of your mobility with the Compact Roll Up Aluminium Ramp. Say goodbye to costly construction and permanent ramps, and embrace a practical, portable, and dependable solution that adapts to your needs.

Benefits of the Roll Up Aluminium Ramp

  • Compact design for easy storage and transportation
  • Effortless folding mechanism for quick setup and takedown
  • Semi-permanent access without the need for construction work
  • Versatile usage for homes, cars, and gardens
  • Suitable for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and rollators
  • Supplied carry bag with handles for convenient portability

Product Specification

  • Rolled up Size 190x150x900mm
  • The maximum load weight of 300kg for reliable support