Seat Belt Reaching Aid

A helpful device that is designed to attach to the seat belt and is handily positioned so that you can pull the belt across you more easily. Ideal for people with limited mobility is the arms or shoulders.








Product Description

The  Seat Belt Reaching Aid is great mobility aid to help if you have limited movement, reach or strength. The grab and pull seat belt reacher is a convenient handle that is easily attached to the seat belt within the vehicle and easily slides it from the static position to across you and into the clip. The Seat Belt Reacher is a lightweight mobility aid that can be detached and carried with you from car to car.  It is great for people with a range of ailments including arthritis, shoulder pain or any discomfort that causes limited mobility that can make grabbing and fitting a seat belt difficult, painful and uncomfortable.

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Benefits of the Seat Belt Reaching Aid

  • Grab and pull seat belt reacher
  • Fits all standard seat belts
  • Can be used on the driver or passenger side of the car
  • Easily attached and removed to allow use on more than one vehicle
  • Easily attached – no tools required

Product Specification

  • Handle Length – 14cm
  • Overall Length – 23.5cm

Colour Choice:  Black

Live Well Now has a wide range of Mobility Aids to suit all your individual requirement.  We also have products to help with car mobility including the Car Caddie Support Handle, and the Handybar

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