Sock Aid

Designed to help where a person has restricted mobility and is unable to bend low enough to pull on socks or stockings easily. With this product you can say goodbye to any feelings of discomfort and once again be able to perform this everyday task with ease and speed.

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Product Description

The Navy Sock Aid is a great mobility aid for anyone who has difficulty bending down or stretching and finds it hard to pull on socks or stockings. Easy to use by simply slipping your foot inside the soft and flexible trough, slide the sock or stocking over it and by using the long easily gripped handles, simply ease the sock upwards.  No effort and strain required.

A simple and inexpensive solution to help with this every day task. The flexible plastic core has been designed to be wide enough to fit larger feet without stretching hosiery unnecessarily.

Benefits of the Navy Sock Aid

  • Use to assist putting socks and stocking without the need to bend or stretch
  • Value for money solution to putting on socks and stockings
  • Non-slip outside surface
  • Flexible plastic core which is comfortable to use
  • Long handled loops to avoid reaching
  • Can be wiped clean for easy hygiene

NB Not suitable for compression therapy stockings

Specification and Sizes

  • 1 x Sock Aid
  • (L) 21cm x (H) 18cm x (D) 1cm  |  8″  x  7″  x  .4″
  • Instructions included

Colour: Blue

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