Soft Seat for Shower Stool

Cushioned Seat for the Atlantis range of Shower Stools.  The soft cushions come in a choice of square or round and in a pale blue or a pale grey.


Product Description

Soft Seat for Shower Stool: A little added luxury for your bathing experience

Product is designed to fit the Atlantis Square Shower Stool or the Atlantis Round Shower Stool Seat

Designed with the utmost consideration for the unique needs of the elderly and individuals with limited mobility and dexterity, the Soft Seat for Shower Stool enhances your shower time in both comfort and aesthetics. This innovative addition to the Atlantis range of Shower Stools introduces a new level of relaxation and convenience to your daily routine.

The Soft Seat for Shower Stool transforms your shower stool into a haven of comfort. With a choice of soft cushions available in square or round shapes, and soothing pale blue or pale grey colours, you can personalise your shower experience to match your preferences.

Specifically designed for the Atlantis range of Shower Stools, the Soft Seat is a testament to our commitment to providing solutions that cater to your unique requirements. Elevate your shower routine with an added touch of comfort and sophistication.

Benefits of the Soft Seat for Shower Stool

  • Luxurious Comfort: Transforms your showering routine into a luxurious experience. Enjoy the soothing comfort of a cushioned seat as you unwind in the shower, promoting relaxation and well-being.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Elevate the visual appeal of your bathroom with the soft cushions available in a variety of colors and shapes. The Soft Seat adds a touch of elegance to your shower area, enhancing its overall ambiance.
  • Personalised Experience: Choose the cushion shape and color that resonate with your style and taste. The Soft Seat allows you to create a shower space that reflects your personality and preferences.

Elevate your shower routine with the Soft Seat for Shower Stool. At our Mobility Shop, we’re dedicated to enhancing your quality of life.


Product Specification

  • Dimensions: Choose between the square cushion with dimensions of 30.5cm x 30.5cm or the round cushion with a circumference of 33 cm. This ensures a perfect fit that complements the design of your shower stool.
  • Color Choices: Personalise your shower stool to match your bathroom aesthetic. Select between the calming hues of pale blue or pale grey, allowing you to tailor your shower space to your preferences.





Pale Blue, Pale Grey


Round, Square

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