Standard Reacher

This reacher with the pistol-style grip is easy to operate, this lightweight reacher has a magnet on the tip which enables you to pick up metallic objects.









Product Description

Our Standard Reacher is designed with your needs in mind. Whether you’re an elder or someone facing limited mobility, this reliable aid is here to simplify your daily life and help you reach for what matters most.

The Standard Reacher is more than just a tool; it’s your trusted partner in maintaining your independence. With its pistol-style grip, it offers ease of operation, making it user-friendly for everyone. No more straining or struggling – simply reach, grab, and retrieve items with confidence.

We understand the importance of convenience. That’s why our Standard Reacher is lightweight and easy to handle. It’s designed to assist you in reaching objects comfortably without any added strain or fatigue. Plus, it’s available in two different lengths to ensure you get the maximum benefit and reach for items high and low.

Our Standard Reacher goes the extra mile by featuring a magnet on the tip. This added feature enables you to pick up metallic objects effortlessly, eliminating the need to bend down or stoop to retrieve dropped items. It’s all about making your daily tasks more manageable.

Top Benefits of our Standard Reacher

  • Ideal Aid to Help Maintain Independent Living: Regain your freedom and perform daily tasks with confidence, knowing the Standard Reacher is by your side.
  • Available in Two Lengths: Choose the length that suits your needs – short (673mm / 26.5 inches) or long (825mm / 32.5 inches) – for optimal convenience.
  • Pistol-Style Grip: The comfortable grip ensures a secure hold, making it accessible for everyone.
  • Lightweight: A lightweight design guarantees comfortable and effortless use.
  • Magnet on Tip: Retrieve metallic objects with ease, without bending or stooping.

Product Specification

  • 1 x Standard Reacher: Each order includes a sturdy and dependable reacher, ready to assist you in your daily tasks.
  • Short Length: 673mm (26.5 inches): Choose this option for tasks at closer range.
  • Long Length: 825mm (32.5 inches): Opt for the longer reacher to access items that are farther away.

Simplify your life and maintain your independence with the Standard Reacher. It’s the ideal tool to help you with everyday tasks and ensure you stay active and self-reliant. Don’t let limited mobility hold you back.


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