Stander Assist A Tray

A tray table that swivels and also acts as a support to the user when getting in and out of a chair.





Product Description

The Stander Assist A Tray is a swivel TV tray table and support hand to help with getting to a standing position from a chair or couch. The stander makes it easy to stand using the safety handle and includes a useful swivel tray. This new, patented invention features an ergonomic grip handle to provide support getting in and out of any sofa, chair or recliner with ease. Attached to the handle is a dual pivoting tray that rotates 360 degrees to allow for the most convenient placement. The Stander Assist A Tray includes a cup holder and extended compartment, perfect for keeping handy items close by. The ability to swivel from multiple joints (360 degrees at the post and 360 on the tray mount), offers almost infinite variability in positioning. Use the tray in front of you for your computer or when eating meals. When not in use it can be used as a side tray to hold drinks and books etc.

Benefits of the Assist A Tray

  • Mobility Aid for chairs and couches
  • Support handle with an ergonomically designed grip to make sitting and standing easy
  • Helps you get to a standing position from sofa, chair or recliner
  • Attached swivel tray for convenience and to allow for the most convenient placement
  • The tray can be pushed out of the way when not in use
  • Adjusts in length to fit your couch or chair
  • Tray includes a cup holder
  • Strong grip rubber pads that ensure extra stability and protects floors against damage
  • Non-intrusive – feels like part of your furniture
  • Use tray in front as a computer table or for reading and eating meals.
  • Use the tray to the side as a side table for holding cups and magazines.

Product Specification

  • Handle Height adjustable from 34″ to 40″  (86cm – 102cm)
  • Tray Height adjustable from 26″ to 32″   (64cm – 81cm)
  • Maximum weight of user:  17 stone   |   113kg
  • Tray rotates 360 degrees.


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