Stander Handy Handle

Designed to provide an easier grip and better leverage when standing from a car, couch, bed, or toilet, this handle is great for people with arthritic hands or a weak grip.








Product Description

The Stander Handy Handle provides a comfortable, non-slip grip for easier and better leverage to help someone stand from a couch, car, bed, or toilet. Its ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip and eliminates awkward grabbing or arm pulling. Helps to prevent back strain to a carer when helping the user get to a standing position.  This clever device is extremely lightweight and can be easily taken with you from room to room or when you are travelling.  No more awkward arm grabbing or pulling giving relief to both the user and the carer.  Available in a choice of three colours.

Benefits of the Stander Handy Handle

  • Ideal to pull up the user from a chair, bed or toilet
  • Eliminates arm grabbing and pulling
  • Simple solution requiring less energy to get to a standing position
  • Requires less energy to stand
  • An efficient ergonomic design
  • Gives extra leverage to prevent strain on the caretaker’s back
  • Portable design to take with you anywhere
  • Use in home, bathroom and car
  • Comfortable non-slip handles give the user added security
  • Lightweight, durable and easy to transport from room to room or take when travelling


Available in Colours:  Ivory  |  Red

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Blue, Red, White Ivory