Stander Omni Tray

This attachable tray is an ideal addition to a comfortable or favourite chair, allowing the user to keep items by their side and giving assistance to the user when getting in and out of the chair.







Product Description

The advantage of the Stander Omni Tray is its adaptability. It can be used both as a sofa-side handle to help to get to a standing position and a TV tray that allows any user to keep items close by when seated. Books, magazines, newspapers, TV remotes, tablets, cups, and plates, can all be accommodated on this multi-use swivel tray. The tray is strong and substantial and can be used to help the user stand up from the chair or sofa.  It is also aesthetically well-designed and is able to blend right in with existing items of furniture in your living room or bedroom. This can make a very elegant addition to your home furniture.  When not in use the tray swivels round to be stored at the side of the couch or chair. The height of the tray and the handle can be adjusted easily to suit individual requirements.

Benefits of the Stander Omni Tray

  • Sofa or Chair handles to help rise
  • TV Tray for computer, reading, or eating
  • Swivels to the side of chair/couch when not in use to store drinks and papers
  • Helps to get to a standing position
  • Tray swivels 360 degrees
  • Tray pivots out of the way when not in use
  • Blends in with your furniture
  • Modern Design
  • Fits either side of a chair or sofa
  • Length adjusts to suit individual requirements

Product Specification

  • 1 x Stander Omni Tray
  • Height of tray 61cm – 81cm  (24″ – 32″)
  • Height adjustable handle 72cm – 92cm  (28″ – 36″)
  • Handle dimensions 11.5cm x 12.5cm  (4.5″ x 5″)
  • Base length adjustment 65cm – 90cm (25.5″ x 35″)
  • Size of tray 51cm x 38cm  (20″ x 15″)
  • Weight limit of tray 13.5kg  |  30lbs
  • Maximum user weight:17st  |  113 kg


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