StayPut Non Slip Fabric Roll

A Non-Slip fabric that is ideal for domestic and commercial use.   The fabric can be cut easily to fit any shape and size, from a cutlery tray insert to a full table.






Product Description

The StayPut Non-Slip Fabric Roll is a new fabric that is ideal for use around the home.  It is non-slip even when wet and therefore prevents items from moving around or slipping from example a tray when carrying cups or plates from room to room.  Although it is non-slip it is also non-stick which means it will grip without sticking the items to the fabric.   The fabric has a cushioned soft feel which makes it nice to touch but it is strong enough to do its job of protecting surfaces from getting damaged by chips and scratches.  The fabric can be easily washed in a machine  It is easy to cut to any size or shape to fit a salad drawer, a tray or to cover a full table if required.

It is ideal for use on boats, caravans,  with trays, etc.  There are a wide variety of other uses for non-slip fabric, under the cat or dog bowl, on a game or craft table, as a children’s play mat or under computers or household equipment.

The StayPut Non-Slip Fabric Roll is a new eco-friendly patented material which comes in a wide range of colours to suit all designs and tastes.  The fabric is suitable for use both in the home and also for commercial use.  It is made from a non-toxic resin which is also rubber free, latex-free and odour free. The mat has completed successful testing which makes it safe for baby articles.

For those who like to create their own designs, you can also sew the fabric and use together with other fabrics for example to create seat cushions for your outdoor furniture.

The StayPut fabric is biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Benefits of the StayPut Non-Slip Fabric Roll

  • Open weave structure
  • Resistant to mould and mildew
  • Durable
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Food safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Latex-free
  • Use on any surface
  • Rubber free
  • Fire resistant
  • Allow for air to circulate
  • Free draining

Choose Sizes : 30.5 cm wide x 182.90cm  or 50.8cm wide x 182.9cm

Colour Choices:

Pearl White  |  Black  |  Almond  |  Taupe  |  Electric Blue  |  Indigo Blue |  Forest Green |  Chilli Red  |  Mimosa Yellow  |  Dove Grey

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The StayPut Fabric is also available pre-cut into a range of products including the StayPut Non-Slip Tablemat and Coaster Set, the StayPut Fridge Drawer Liners and the Stayput Chopping Board Safety Mat

Polymer Environmental Friendly Resin is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic and carcinogen-free alternative to PVC.

Polymer Environmental Resin is Biodegradable.  It will not decompose in normal use or by itself; it must be buried in the soil where erosion takes place through the natural soil bacterial and soil enzymes.  In formal testing (PIDC – ISO14855-1 Controlled Aerobic Composting Test) after 6 months the fabric had decomposed by 30%.


Almond, Black, Chilli Red, Dove Grey, Electric Blue, Forest Green, Indigo Blue, Mimosa Yellow, Pearl White, Taupe


30.5 x 182.9cm, 30.5cm x 182.9cm, 50.8 x 189.9 cm, 50.8cm x 182.9cm