Stick n Stay Mobility Handle

Grab Rails with locking suction cups. Just flick the two pressure levers down and the handle is fixed and will not budge.








Product Description

Stick n Stay Mobility Handle – Your Trusted Bathroom Companion

Elevate bathroom safety with the remarkable Stick n Stay Mobility Handle. This high-quality grab rail is specially designed to cater to the needs of the elderly and those with mobility challenges. Say goodbye to worries and hello to enhanced security and peace of mind.

Boasting locking suction cups, this bathroom aid effortlessly adheres to any tiled, enamel, or fibreglass surface. Flick down the pressure levers, and watch as the handle firmly locks in place – no fixtures are required.

Say goodbye to complex installations – the Stick n Stay Mobility Handle is designed for ease of use. Flick up the levers, and removing the handle becomes a breeze. Its secure and hassle-free system ensures effortless movement and positioning.

Top Benefits of our Stick n Stay Mobility Handle

  • Secure Adhesion: The locking suction cups provide unwavering adhesion, offering unparalleled stability and safety.
  • Easy Installation: No fixtures required – simply flick down the pressure levers to secure the handle in place.
  • Effortless Removal: With flip-up levers, removing the handle is a simple and straightforward task.
  • Versatile Application: Sticks to tiles, enamel, or fibreglass, allowing you to enjoy enhanced safety wherever needed.
  • Visual Assurance: The green/red indicator offers a clear status on adhesion, ensuring your safety with a single glance.
  • Empower Independence: Designed with the elderly and those with limited mobility in mind, this aid promotes independent living.
  • Confidence Booster: The secure system instills confidence, offering you the freedom to move around with ease.
  • Size Variety: Available in a choice of two sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for your unique needs.

Experience Unmatched Safety: Elevate your bathroom experience, prevent accidents, and embark on a journey of enhanced security with the Stick n Stay Mobility Handle. Enjoy the freedom to move without worry.

Product Specification

  • Sizes:  Medium: 40cm (15.7″)   |   Large: 50cm (19.7″)

Colour: White

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40cm, 50cm