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Swedish Cutting Board

Designed to allow the user to chop, slice, cut or grate food while using one hand. It is also possible to hold a mixing bowl stable when using this board.

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Product Description

With this stylish Swedish Cutting Board, it is possible to prepare food with one hand. Whether chopping, slicing, cutting or grating, this innovative living aid chopping board incorporates a vice to hold food tight and stable. It is also adaptable enough to allow the user to lock-in bowls or cups or tins and ensures that objects of varying styles and sizes can be held securely and safely.  The base of the chopping board has several suction feet that adhere to the surface of a table or work surface and stop the board slipping and ensure user safety.  It is easily cleaned after use, just soap and water, and is easily stored in a drawer or propped against a wall when not in use.

Benefits of the Swedish Cutting Board

  • Ideal kitchen aid for anyone who has a weak or limited grip
  • Kitchen gadget to increase safety and prevent accidents
  • Use for one-handed cutting
  • Slice and grate food
  • Stainless steel food spikes hold objects
  • Use to open jars
  • Anti-slip with the use of 4 rubber suction feet
  • Easily cleaned with soap and water

Swedish Cutting Board Specification and Sizes

  • 1 x Swedish Cutting Board
  • The white plastic board measures 30cm x 28cm (12″ x 11″)
  • Weighs 3lbs. (1.3kg)

Colour:  White

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