Talking Kitchen Scale with Jug

Helps anyone with a  degree of sight loss. Loud clear English voices announce weights and volume. Large handle helps with arthritic hands.

  • Helps with low vision
  • Large handle helps with arthritic hands
  • Capacity 1.2l


Product Description

Experience a new level of culinary accuracy with the extraordinary Talking Kitchen Scale with Jug. This innovative creation redefines how you measure ingredients, offering not only weight accuracy but also the convenience of spoken measurements. Whether you’re dealing with liquids or solids, this scale is your ultimate kitchen companion.

Immerse yourself in the magic of precise measurements at the push of a button. The Talking Kitchen Scale with Jug announces weights in Grams, Pounds, Ounces, and Volume in ml, all in a clear English voice. Now, your cooking endeavors are accompanied by the assurance of accuracy and confidence.

Designed to cater to everyone, this scale is your bridge to inclusive cooking. For those with a degree of sight loss, the Easy to See Measuring Jug becomes a game-changer. Its large print ensures effortless ingredient measurement, while the integrated spout rest guarantees spill-free pouring. Whether you’re dealing with low vision or dexterity issues, this scale and jug duo has you covered.

Top Benefits of our Talking Kitchen Scale with Jug

  • Voice-Activated Accuracy: Announce weights or volumes with a simple button push, ensuring precision with every measurement.
  • Inclusive Functionality: Ideal for all, this scale caters to the visually impaired, offering clear, spoken measurements.
  • Seamless Experience: The large, soft, easy-grip handle is designed to accommodate those with arthritic hands, making cooking a breeze.
  • Print, Amplified: Experience the luxury of large print that’s effortlessly readable, catering to a variety of visual needs.
  • Fluid Control: The integrated spout rest in the measuring jug guarantees spill-free pouring, ensuring mess-free cooking.

Elevate your cooking journey, embrace inclusive culinary excellence, and transform your kitchen experience with the Talking Kitchen Scale with Jug. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to precision.

Product Specification

  • Capacity 1.2l

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