Threading Helper

Makes threading a needle much easier for those with poor eyesight or the use of only one hand.

  • Large-eye threader
  • Integrated bobbin/thread holder
  • A stable base for use on a table, counter top or tray
  • Built-in magnifier



Product Description

Threading Helper, the ultimate companion for individuals with mobility issues and low vision. This ingenious device revolutionises the sewing experience, making threading a needle effortless, even for those with poor eyesight or the use of only one hand.

Benefits of the Threading Helper

  • Stable Base: The Threading Helper features a stable base that can be placed on a table, desk, or tray. This ensures stability and convenience while threading, eliminating the need for a steady hand.
  • Fixed Bobbin/Thread Holder: With a fixed bobbin or thread holder, this device keeps your thread in place, preventing tangles and allowing for smooth and precise threading.
  • Large Threading Eye: The Threading Helper is designed with a large threading eye, making it easier to guide the thread through the needle. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to seamless threading.
  • Magnifier: The built-in magnifier amplifies the details, providing enhanced visibility for those with low vision. Enjoy sewing, embroidery, and needle crafts with improved clarity and precision.
  • Easy Threading: Experience hassle-free threading, regardless of poor eyesight or limited dexterity. The Threading Helper simplifies the process, making it accessible for everyone.
  • Independence Restored: Regain independence in sewing projects. No longer rely on assistance for threading needles. The Threading Helper promotes self-sufficiency, empowering individuals to pursue their passion for sewing.
  • Versatile Usage: Whether it’s clothing repairs, embroidery, or other needle crafts, the Threading Helper is a versatile tool that enhances your sewing experience. Explore your creativity with confidence.
  • Thoughtful Design: This device is meticulously designed with the needs of individuals with mobility issues and low vision in mind. It combines functionality, stability, and magnification for an exceptional sewing experience.

Product Specification

Product Dimensions (mm)115x65x75
Net weight (kg)0.08