Tights Aids

A product designed to aid the process of putting tights and stockings on for people with limited mobility.









Product Description

Tights Aid: Effortless Dressing for Independent Living

Struggling with putting on stockings and tights due to limited mobility and dexterity? The Tights Aid is your easy-to-use and budget-friendly solution, designed to simplify the process and eliminate the challenge of bending or reaching. This innovative dressing aid is tailored for individuals who require a helping hand, ensuring you can confidently and independently dress with ease.

The Tights Aid’s design focuses on simplicity and effectiveness. Its one-piece construction features integrated webbing handles that are strategically placed for easy handling. This means no more uncomfortable bending or difficult maneuvers while dressing.

This quality living aid features a precisely shaped plastic gutter that holds the tights in place, allowing you to effortlessly pull them up to a reachable position. This eliminates frustration and ensures a seamless dressing experience.

The Tights Aid’s handle can be easily adjusted to accommodate your specific needs, ensuring a personalised fit that suits your preferences and unique circumstances.

Benefits of the Tights Aids

  • Enhanced Independence: Empowers you to regain your independence when dressing. Say goodbye to relying on assistance and hello to confidently managing dressing routines on your terms.
  • Effortless Dressing: With the ergonomic design, independent dressing becomes a breeze. The integrated webbing handles provide optimal grip and control, making the process smooth and stress-free.
  • Lightweight and Practical: It is lightweight and practical, ensuring it’s easy to handle and maneuver. Its straightforward design guarantees ease of use without any complex mechanisms.
  • Universal Applicability: Caters to a wide range of individuals, from those with limited mobility to those seeking comfort and convenience. It’s an inclusive solution that enhances daily dressing routines.

Embrace a new level of dressing comfort with the Tights Aid. This indispensable tool makes stockings and tights a joy to put on, ensuring you experience the freedom of self-sufficiency in your daily life.


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