Tri-Tip Ferrule

The three-pronged base of these walking sticks help the user to feel independent and at ease compared to the standard ferrules, with user-improved balance and stability.








Product Description

The Tri-Tip Ferrule for walking sticks has been designed to give the user improved balance and stability which in turn will improve confidence when getting out and about.  The ferrule has a large three-pronged base that helps the user to feel independent and at ease compared to the standard ferrules.   The ferrule is easy to fit on the end of a walking stick or walking cane and an additional benefit is that it allows the walking stick to stand freely by itself for convenience and prevent it from falling over in shops and restaurants. The ferrule flexes and bends as the user walks reducing the impact and shock through the hand and wrist relieving any discomfort.

Benefits of the Tri-Tip Ferrule

  • 1 x Tri-Tip Ferrule
  • Improves balance and stability
  • Aids independent walking giving confidence and a sense of security
  • Three-pronged base
  • Easily fitted to the end of walking sticks or walking canes
  • Fits most walking sticks with a diameter of 19mm
  • Enables the walking stick to stand on its own without support
  • Helps to reduce the impact on hands and wrists

How Do I Know What Size Ferrule I Need?

First, remove the existing ferrule from the bottom of the walking stick.  Once the ferrule is removed measure the diameter of your walking stick to find out what ferrule size you need. A walking stick with a diameter of 22mm without a ferrule needs a ferrule of 22mm.  The diameter is the measurement across the walking stick base.

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