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Uccello Kettle

The Uccello Kettle is an ideal kitchen aid for the elderly or anyone with week grip or limited mobility.

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Product Description

The Uccello Kettle is an ideal kitchen aid for the elderly or anyone with week grip or limited mobility.  The Tipper Kettle has been designed to to ensure that water can be boiled safely and the tilting action ensures that it can be used  securely with fear of accidents or burns.  The kettle has non slip feet which ensures that is will not move or slip about while using.

The Uccello Kettle gives superior performance over other tipping kettles as its ergonomic design and circular shape together with the pivoting base means the water is moved into the best pouring position which means the kettle takes the weight of the water and not the user.

The tapered spout ensures that the water pours evenly and smoothly from the kettle into the cup without missing the cup and causing hot splashes.  The weight of the kettle is distributed in such a way that allows the kettle to be tipped with the push of a single finger and spreads any force required along the arm rather than concentrating weight onto the wrists and hands.

The modern black and white design will suit any kitchen and in addition, the colours are ideally suited to help people with dementia or low visibility differentiate the important parts of the kettle.

Benefits of the Uccello Kettle

  • Ideal kitchen aid for users with a weak grip or restricted mobility
  • A kitchen gadget that will increase safety and prevent accidents
  • Ideal kitchen aid for arthritic hands
  • Increase safety and independence
  • Non-slip feet to ensure kettle remains in one place
  • Help individuals with dementia
  • Helpful to people with low visibility
  • Modern and practical design
  • Only lightest of touches required to operate the kettle

Uccello Kettle Specification and Sizes

  • 1 x Uccello Tipper Kettle
  • Capacity 1.5 litres (6 cups)
  • Colour:  Black & White
  • Sizes: Height 221mm   |   Width 234mm   |  Depth 120mm
  • Weight 820g

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