Ultra Pill Splitter

Easily cuts pills in half for those with difficulty swallowing pills or for proper dosage.





Product Description

The Apex Ultra Pill Splitter is an ideal aid for people who have difficulty swallowing whole pills and is particularly useful for children who can often find it difficult taking tablets.  The Ultra Pill Splitter has a guard on the blade for added safety and to prevent accidents.  The splitter is easy to use for either making the pills easier to swallow or for obtaining the correct dosage which sometimes requires your tablets to be cut in half.  The device grips pills and tablets and holds them in place while the blade guard creates a safe cutting environment.

Benefits of  the Apex Ultra Pill Splitter

  • 1 x Ultra Pill Splitter
  • Use for children or people who have difficulty swallowing pills and tablets
  • Ideal for where pills need to be halved to obtain the correct dosage
  • Cuts pills in half in a safe environment
  • Blade Guard for additional protection and to prevent accidents
  • Simple to use.