UpEasy Lifting Cushion

Designed to provide comfort to the user and to help people with limited mobility to stand up and sit down.







Product Description

The Upeasy Lifting Cushion – Your Gateway to Effortless Mobility

Step into a world of unbounded independence with the remarkable sitting and standing aid. Specially crafted to empower those with mobility challenges, this ingenious aid revolutionises how you navigate chairs. Say goodbye to struggles and embrace a life of ease and comfort.

Designed to effortlessly facilitate sitting and standing, this mobility marvel becomes your trusted companion. Its piston-powered mechanism lifts up to 70% of your body weight, offering gentle assistance as you transition between positions.

Infused with safety and durability, it boasts a fire retardant and waterproof coating. Feel secure and confident, knowing that it is designed to protect the foam cushion’s surface while offering a layer of fire resistance. The waterproof coating guarantees easy cleaning and maintenance.

Benefits of the Upeasy Lifting Cushion

  • Piston Power: Experience effortless lifts with the piston-powered mechanism, enhancing your mobility.
  • Complete Safety: The fire retardant feature ensures user safety and peace of mind with every use.
  • Waterproof Comfort: The waterproof coating not only protects but also allows hassle-free cleaning and washing.
  • Easy Maintenance: The removable, machine washable cover ensures hygiene and easy upkeep.
  • Customised Assistance: With six weight settings on the piston, tailor the lift to your individual needs.
  • Seamless Movement: Enjoy a smooth, automatic transition between positions, enhancing your mobility experience.
  • Wireless Wonder: Free yourself from wires, motors, or batteries – this cushion offers a convenient, wire-free solution.

Embrace a World of Mobility: Discover unparalleled freedom, effortless movement, and unrivaled convenience with the Upeasy Lifting Cushion.


  • Colour: Navy
  • Maximum weight of user: 200lbs    |   100kg


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