Velour Cushion Cover

The Velour Cover is a washable, zipped cushion cover in dark grey velour.






Product Description

Harley Velour Cushion Cover, is an elegant addition to your cushion collection. This zipped cushion cover, available in a sophisticated dark grey, offers both style and practicality. With twelve size options, you can find the perfect fit for your cushion. The velour fabric not only provides a luxurious feel but also ensures durability for long-lasting use.

Benefits of the Harley Velour Cushion Cover

  • Variety of Sizes: Choose from 12 different size options to match your specific cushion dimensions.
  • Velour Fabric: Enjoy the soft and plush feel of velour, adding a touch of luxury to your seating.
  • Zipped Design: The convenient zipper makes it easy to remove and wash the cover for a clean and fresh look.
  • Washable: Keep your cushions looking pristine by washing the cover when needed.
  • Three-Layer Material: The cover is made from a three-layer composition, with an outer layer of 100% polyester, a middle layer of 100% ester, and a backing scrim of 100% nylon.
  • Elevated Style: Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your cushions with the sleek dark grey velour cover.
  • Customisable Fit: With various size options, you can find the perfect match for your cushions, ensuring a snug and tailored look.
  • Easy Maintenance: The zipped design allows for effortless removal and washing, keeping your cushions looking fresh and clean.
  • Durable Construction: The three-layer material composition ensures durability, making this cover a long-lasting and practical choice.

Upgrade your cushions with the Harley Velour Cushion Cover, combining style, comfort, and easy maintenance in one elegant package.

Colour: Dark Grey


Cushion Size

40cm x 40cm x 10cm, 40cm x 40cm x 6cm, 40cm x 40cm x 8cm, 43cm x 43cm x 10cm, 43cm x 43cm x 6cm, 43cm x 43cm x 8cm, 46cm x 40cm x 10cm, 46cm x 40cm x 6cm, 46cm x 40cm x 8cm, 46cm x 46cm x 10cm, 46cm x 46cm x 6cm, 46cm x 46cm x 8cm