Vida Washable Chair Pad

With a water-resistant backing and absorbent inner layer meaning the user’s comfort, dignity and confidence are preserved at all times.








Product Description

The Vida Washable Chair Pad is designed with a water-resistant backing and absorbent inner layer which give comfort, confidence and the assurance of personal dignity to the user.  This lightweight, sensitively designed,  practical aid to dealing with the incidence of incontinence places the user at the centre of concern and provides a practical and effective solution. The chair pad has five individual layers of material to ensure that liquid is quickly absorbed and then locked inside. The top layer of the chair pad keeps the user and the bottom layer is waterproof to protect chairs.  It comes in 4 colours and is machine washable, reusable, and an effective defence against sores and infection.

Benefits of the Vida Washable Chair Pad

  • Absorbent chair pad
  • Waterproof backing to protect furniture
  • Comfortable top layer to keep the user dry
  • Includes absorbent inner layers
  • Machine washable
  • Reusable
  • Diamond-shaped padding spreads absorption
  • Waterproof backing, and an absorbent inner layer
  • Soft cotton top

Product Specification

  • 1 x Vida Washable Chair Pad
  • Width – 50cm (19.5”)
  • Length – 60cm (23.5”)
  • Capacity – 1 litre

Colours Choices:  Blue | Brown | Pink | Wine

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Blue, Brown, Pink, Wine