Voice Alert Alarm System

A versatile alarm system used to aid fall management.    Can be used on a bed, wheelchair or entrance alarm with Voice function.





Product Description

The Voice Alert Alarm System has been designed as a versatile alarm system to be used to aid fall management.  This advanced model alarm comes with a choice of voice or 4 different alarm tones and allows connection to an existing Nursecall system.   Can be used on a bed, wheelchair or entrance alarm with Voice function. There is a choice of High/Low volume or silence mode with a flashing light.  You can also record your own alert message or instructions in a voice that is familiar to the patient. The Alert activated by the magnetic switch with cord and clip or optional sensor pads via the RJ9 socket. A Tamper Resistant Suspend Mode will stop monitoring temporarily to facilitate patient repositioning without triggering an alarm. A versatile clip and mounting bracket is included. Battery low indicator to ensure uninterrupted patient monitoring. Uses 4 x AA batteries (not included).

Benefits of the Voice Alert Alarm System

  • Versatile fall management alarm system
  • 4 different alarm tones
  • Can be connected to existing Nursecall system if required
  • Use of bed, wheelchair or as an entrance alarm
  • Can be set to silent with a flashing light
  • High or low volume as preferred
  • Alert messages or instructions can be recorded
  • Can be used with sensor mats
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Allows suspension mode for patient handling
  • Low battery indicator for additional patient security

Can be used with the Square Premium Sensor Mat and the Large Premium Sensor Mat