Walking Frame Net Bag

This is a lightweight, net bag that is easily attached by clips to most walking frames. It is made of strong material and can comfortably hold several items at a time.








Product Description

The Walking Frame Net Bag suitable for most frames is a lightweight and adaptable bag that is easy to fit a walking frame and allows the user to carry a number of items comfortably and safely.  The walking frame bag can be used indoors for carrying small items from one room to another and outside for small items of shopping.  The bag allows the user to keep both hands on the walker to ensure safety at all time.  The bag is suitable for items of shopping but is also perfect for moving awkwardly shaped objects around the home.

Benefits of the Walking Frame Net Bag

  • Ideal Walking Frame Accessory
  • Suitable for use with most makes of walking frames
  • The bag makes light work of carrying items around the home
  • Can be used indoors or outside
  • Use for small items of shopping
  • Ideal for moving items from one room in the house to another

Product Specification

  • 1 x Walking Frame Net Bag
  • Weight 60g

Colour Choice:  Black

Live Well Now offers a wide range of Mobility Aids to suit all your individual requirements.  Other walking frame accessories include the Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy and the Easy Caddy. These caddies are both easily attached to the walker and are ideal for transporting dishes, cups and any other small items that need to be carried from room to room.  Leaving the user’s hands-free to move the walker.

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