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Webequ Kitchen Knives

Designed to give maximum control to the user while also reducing the amount of strain on the hand and wrist.

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Product Description

Webequ Kitchen Knives – Bread Knife

The Bread Knife is an intelligently designed adapted kitchen knife with a grip that offers excellent control that allows you to handle even the toughest of crusts, and slice your bread exactly the way you want. This grip requires less use of strength which means you can work longer without experiencing fatigue. This bread knife is recommended for people with reduced arm and shoulder strength. Length of blade 22.2cm. Will work well on any type of bread.

Webequ Kitchen Knives – Chefs Knife

Precision and force are often needed when you slice meat. With this new grip, the adapted kitchen knife will allow you to experience great control and extra power while cutting, allowing for a neat result of your efforts. The new grip requires less arm strength and enables you to effortless work, even for a longer time. This chef’s knife can be recommended to people with reduced arm or shoulder strength. Length of blade 22.2cm

Webequ Kitchen Knives – Cutting/Vegetable Knife

The new grip offers excellent control, stability and balance when you chop and cut vegetables. The non-stick function makes the work easier. Moreover, with this adapted kitchen knife, the new grip means you need less force that means you can cut and chop quite a lot before you experience fatigue. This knife is, therefore, a good choice for people with reduced arm and shoulder strength. Length of blade 17.8cm.  An excellent knife that will cut through the sturdiest of vegetables without a fight.

Benefits of the Webequ Kitchen Knives

  • Adapted kitchen knives for users with a weak grip, the elderly or disabled
  • Choice of:  Chefs Knife | Bread Knife | Cutting/Vegetable Knife
  • A specially designed grip that leans over the blade giving stability and control
  • Easy end effective cutting and slicing movement.
  • Cutting is easier and less demanding
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel with an ergonomically designed soft-grip handle.
  • Blade length varies depending on knife
  • Assists people with reduced arm or shoulder strength

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