Zip Pull

The light weight and navy Zip Pull is an easy to use device to help with zipping up jackets and coats.

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Product Description

The light weight Zip Pull in navy is an easy to use mobility aid that will help with the zipping up of jackets and coats.  For convenience the zip pull has been designed to be used with or without gloves or mittons, so not need for cold hand if using it when outside.  This is a perfect mobility aid for anyone with weak hands, arthritic fingers or sore joints. It is unobtrusive and simple to use and quickly and easily solves the problem of being able to get a grip of the zipper pull to close your jacket and protect against the inclement weather.

This handy device comes in a pack of 2. It works with any standard zip and can also be used with luggage and purses.

Benefits of the Navy Zip Pull

  • 2 x zip pull
  • Great mobility aid to help the elderly and arthritis sufferers
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Use with/without gloves

Specification and Sizes

(L) 2.5cm x (H) 9cm x (D) 3cm

Colour: Blue

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