Reachers for the elderly and people with limited or poor mobility are useful tools that extend your reach and grip capabilities. Our range of high-quality reachers and grabbers are invaluable an invaluable aid to assist the elderly maintain an independent life. The long-handled designs reduce the need for you to bend and stretch to grasp items at floor level or high up that are difficult to reach. The reachers and grabber sticks help to reduce the pain and discomfort that can be caused by overreaching. Long-arm grabbers are ideal for both the elderly and disabled users who can struggle with limited mobility. These great adaptive tools allow you to grasp objects without straining yourself. If you use a wheelchair, the foldaway designs are great for use in supermarkets to help you to reach the upper shelves that are always out of reach. Models with incorporated magnets and hooks are great if you have limited dexterity in your hands and fingers and can even help you get a grip on difficult objects like coins. We also stock reachers with rotating heads and full handgrips, which are great for people with arthritis who can have trouble rotating their wrists. These adaptive tools are great to improve your everyday living and most come in a choice of two lengths to suit your individual requirements. The foldaway reachers are ideal for popping into a suitcase or bag when travelling. In addition to a choice of length and handle there are differently styled jaws that are perfect for different tasks like grabbing a cup, picking up fiddly items like keys, or even using in the garden to grab bushes and flowers in need of a trim.

Standard Reacher

The Standard Reacher has a pistol style grip and is light and easy to use. A magnet on the end allows you to also pick up metal objects in addition to the grabber on the end for other objects. Available in two sizes.


Hand Grip Reacher

This is a great reacher for picking up dropped items. It has a moulded comfortable handle and is great for anyone with weak hands or wrists or arthritis sufferers. The hook on this reacher makes it suitable to also help with dressing.


Folding Reacher

Perfect for using in shops and supermarkets or to take on holiday. If folds neatly away into a bag when not in use.