Electrical Appliances

Our electrical appliances section has a number of items that can improve a user’s ability to undertake daily tasks both safely and with more satisfaction. Reading lights help to relieve eye strain, while floor lights, magnifying lamps, voice and weight sensors, all improve safety around the home.

Household Aids

If looking for yourself or for an elderly friend or relative this collection of household aids provides lots of options from many top brands. These items can bring added comfort, safety and peace of mind to the user.

Lighting Aids

The lighting aids in our range are designed to provide enhanced and targeted light for the user. Used consistently and throughout the home the lights will improve user comfort and can contribute to a reduction in eye strain and headaches.

Monitoring Equipment for Disabled

This small collection of monitoring equipment for disabled people presents a range of essential aids that can improve the safety and confidence of a user. This is equipment that can help extend the independence of the elderly person and ensure a disabled user’s family can be alerted to problems straight away.

Panic Alarms

Voice Alert Alarm

These panic alarms are intended to extend the users independence and their ability to stay at home for longer. The systems include personal alarms that can be used by the elderly or disabled as well as pendants that are worn around the neck or wrist.

Electrical Safety for Older People

It is possible that we become more vulnerable to accidents around the home as we grow older. This can be particularly true of electrical accident where the dangers are real and the consequences can be substantial. Some homes may have poor wiring and electrical fittings due to age or poor maintenance, but it is also a function of the older person perhaps having a health condition that makes them less cognitively of physically able.

Improving Electrical Safety At Home

We use electricity throughout the day and in so many ways. But we must remember its power and the dangers associated with it. When older it is important to stick to a plan of regularly maintaining and checking the household electrics. We should make frequent visual checks of our electrics, be vigilant when doing any DIY around the home, check the health and safety of the kitchen electrics and be especially aware of the need for electrical safety in the bathroom.