What is so special about StayPut?

StayPut Non Slip Fabric Roll
StayPut Non Slip Fabric Roll

Stayput provides innovative anti-slip solutions for everyday problems around the home and helps people overcome the challenges of everyday living. The fabric:

  • Is Versatile and anti-slip
  • Contain no heavy metals, toxins or other harmful substances
  • Conforms to Oeko-Tex level 1 and FDA Food Grade Standards.
  • Has excellent strength
  • Won’t lose its shape under pressure which reduces the risk of ripping or tearing
  • Is free from abrasive additives than can damage surfaces
  • Is waterproof and machine washable
  • Is biodegradable
  • Comes in a range of thicknesses and colours
  • Is either non-adhesive or adhesive format
  • Wide of range of colours available

What Makes the StayPut Range of Products Different?

StayPut Fabrics are made with Polymer Resin. So what exactly is Polymer Resin?

Polymer Environmentally Friendly Resin is a non toxic and carcinogen free alternative to PVC and is as the name suggests friendly to the environment. It is manufactured from a a cominbination of Polyethylene Terephalate which is a form of polyester, like clothing fabric or palm oil. The production requires more processing steps than standard PVC, however, it is the addictional steps that make this product environmentally friendly.

So what is the difference between PVC and Polymer Environmental Resin?

In order to achieve the required flexibility StayPut fabric uses Palm Oil as a plasticiser instead of phthalate plasticisers (phthalate plasticisers is a substance added to another material to make it softer and more flexible, typically in flexible plastic materials. Phthalates are chemical softeners and are considered to be carcinogenic and toxic to both humans and the environment.) which means that the carcinogenic effects are minimised from exposure to carcinogens.

This makes Polymer Environmental Resin the best at fulfiling the desirable qualities of PVC without the nasty side-effects. It is:

  • Anti-Slip
  • Waterproof
  • Sun protective

This means that Polymer Environmental Resin can be a suitable replacement for PVC in most products.

Is Polymer Environmental Resin Biodegradable?

Yes, it will not decompose in normal usage, but when it is buried in soil where erosion will take place through the natural soil bacterial and soil enzymes. This has been tested and showed that within only 6 months, 30% had decomposed. (PIDC – ISO14855-1 Controlled Aerobic Composting Test).

The StayPut materials are:

  • Non-Toxic – Latex and Rubber Free
  • Safe to use on all surfaces, it won’t scratch damage
  • Fire Resistant
  • Can easily be cut into any shape and size required without fraying
  • UV Stable
  • Machine Washable
  • Biodegradable
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Available in a range of colours

StayPut Bulk Rolls

StayPut Non Slip Fabric Roll
StayPut Non Slip Fabric Roll

The StayPut fabric roll is a versatile anti-slip fabric with 2.4mm depth. Provides a durable and strong fabric with excellent cushioning with an open mesh structure giving breathability and reducing moisture build-up.

It comes in a range of sizes and a variety of colours. The fabric can be easily cut, sewn or heat/sonic welded. Cut to any size required with fraying. The material can also be incorporated with another material or application.

Antimicrobial Wet Room Matting

Antimicrobial Wet Room Matting
StayPut Wet Room Matting

Designed for use in wet areas where people need to walk barefoot. The matting is exceptionally warm and comfortable to walk on. It incorporates Silver Technology antimicrobial which reduces the build up of bacteria. The antimicrobial is impregnated throughout the matting, and is not just a coating on the surface which means it cannot be worn off or washed away.

The material is strong, non-porous with channelling which allows for effective self-drainage. It can be easily cut to the desired size.

StayPut Daily Living Aids and Kitchen Aids


Have all the qualities and features of the StayPut fabric but have been pre-cut into table mats and coasters. This safe accredited fabric is safe to use anywhere that comes into contact with food as there are no harmful substances than can leach into the food. No need to worry if there any spills as this unique fabric will still retain its anti-slip properties even when wet.

This is a perfect mat for ensuring that plates and cutlery remain in place, and can be used on a dining room table, a toddlers’ high chair or on a tray if eating on your lap or in bed. Other great uses include under the pet feeding bowls, on a craft table to keep everything in place, under a computer or other household equipment.

The table mat is lightweight, durable, easy to clean and machine washable. They also dry very quickly. These large size mats come in a full range of colours so there will be one to match your colour scheme.

The material is 2mm thick and will protect surfaces from scratches and marks. The mats are heat resistant up to a maximum temperature of  65°C 


These lovely trivets come in a choice of two pretty colours are great for preventing hot pans, cassseroles or serving dishes from marking, burning or damaging kitchen surfaces and worktops.

They are made from 100% silicon and are heat resistance up to 240%. They do not conduct heat from the pan or casserole through to the under surface, even it the casserole dish has come straight out of the oven. An additional safety feature is that they prevent any of the hot dishes sliding of the trivet due to the anti-slip quality.

They are dishwasher safe and they can be folded away when not in use. They are not only great at home but also for caravans and boats.


Designed to keep glasses, cultery and plates in place while you are carrying the tray. Easy to grip handles the tray has anti-slip TPE studs that are moulded through the base of the tray give it anti-slip underside to the tray.

The trays are durable with deep sides and are commercial dishwasher safe.


Pack of 12 circular discs that have been designed to sit between stacked plates, bowls or dishes to prevent scratches and chips. These work well on delicate glass or porcelain.

The fabric is lightweight, food grade mesh made of natural starch which will allow air to circulate between the stacked plates. This will prevent any moisture build up or musty smells. They are machine washable.


Designed to be used in the salad crisper vegetable compartment of your fridge to extend the life of salads, fruit and vegetables. They work by cushioning the produce, allowing air to circulate and moisture to disapate throught the mesh; effectively reducing spoilage and retaining freshness.

The drawer liners are a Food Grade accredited fabric and will not taint or affect the taste or appearance of the food. They are machine washable.


Are designed to prevent chopping boards, carving trays or mixing bowls slipping or moving while you are preparing food. This is ideal for reducing accidents in the kitchen. This is a Food Grade fabric and are ideal for all aspect of food preparation. The fabric is made from natural starch, so there is no possibility of the food flavour being affected and at the same time surfaces and worktops are protected. The material is entirely free of rubber, latex and PVC. Any spillages can be wiped quickly and easily away.


These anti-slip circular discs come in a pack of 4 and are designed to cushion surfaces and improve hand traction and grip. They are great for opening a stubborn screw top lip or using a screwdriver or other hand tool. The twister grips are non abrasive and soft and comfortable to use. They are also durable and long lasting

They make great protective mats for under pots, vases or table lamps to reduce scratches or markings on household furniture.


The StayPut Antibacterial Bath Mat and Shower Mats have been independently tested to BS8445:2012 Level 1. Bath and Shower Mats – Testing – Assessment of Anti-Slip Properties. This British Standard was developed to set minimum performance standards that bath and shower mats shall meet – in an attempt to reduce the number of slip related instances.

The standard specifies slip characteristics, test methods, marking and user instructions for bath or shower mats intended to be used inside a bath or shower during bathing or showering.

The StayPut Bath Mats and Shower Mats are manufactured for the unique Polymer Environmentally Friendly Resin material combined with an antimicrobial Silver additive which actively inhibits mould and bacterial growth. The soft comfortable, ridged structures gives excellent drainage and secure footing. The new design incorporates strong moulded suckers in a new configuration, which gives a firm grip and provides the user with confidence that they are using a secure mat.

The Bath and shower mats are:

  • Toxin and Heavy Metal Free
  • Contain no phenols or phthalates
  • Are equipped with a convenient hanging loop
  • Soft and comfortable to use
  • Tough, durable and long-lasting
  • Quick-drying and have excellent drainage
  • Non-allergic
  • Rubber and Latex-free
  • Machine Washable


Ideal for using in any area that needs a deeper density protection and be able to withstand tough treatment.

Made thick anti-slip foam supported by polyester fibre mesh. The unique manufacturing process produces a robust sponge like fabric which doesn’t stretch, stick or rip but will grip effectively on both sides.

The fabric is cushioned and hardwearing and will protect surfaces, reduce chipping and scratching, while still allowing air and moisture to circulate.

Ideal for use in tool lockers, on a workbench, in the boot of a car or van or anywhere a robust anti-slip surface is required.

Easy to cut to size and shape required and can be machine washed.


STAYPUT RUG TO CARPET FLEECE UNDERLAY is specially designed to stop rugs creeping or sliding when laid on top of a carpet. The fleece fabric holds the run in place without the need for adhesive and without damaging carpets.


A discrete anti-slip underlay designed to work under rungs that are laid wood, tile or hard floors to prevent rugs moving about. It holds the rugs in place without the need for adhesive and will damage the floor.

It can be cut to size to suit the size of the rug with a pair of scissors.