The correct wheelchair clothing is necessary if you like to get and about. Having the correct accessories can make going outdoor so much more enjoyable and comfortable, especially with the unpredictable British weather. It is important to have the right clothing which is waterproof and windproof and in winter a lovely warm lining helps to keep the cold away. All the clothing can be folded away when not in use ready to be brought out again when the weather turns. All are easy to put on and take off and our range includes full-body covering to a covering for the lower body only. A good wheelchair cover is essential.

The Splash Waterproof Wheelchair Apron fits snugly over the lower body to ensure that you stay dry and warm it comes with a fur lining or a cotton lining.

Splash Wheelchair Apron

The Splash Wheelchair Ponchos come in a choice of sleeves or no sleeves and come with a hood. They are designed to be easy to put on and take off by simply putting them over the head and allowing it to drape over the body and the wheelchair. They also come lined or unlined. They are great for keeping in your Wheelchair Bag to be brought out and used in the event of a change in the weather.

WWaterproof Wheelchair Poncho

Our Waterproof Wheelchair Mac Covers with sleeves or without sleeves also cover the whole body and are ideal for setting out in rain or cold weather. It can be packed away until needed and are easy to put on and off.

Splash Waterproof Wheelchair Mac Cover

The Splash Waterproof Wheelchair Cosy
is a waist-high wheelchair cover that encases the lower half of the body up to the waist. The cosy is totally waterproof and has a navy fur lining to ensure that the user is always warm and cosy. A full-length heavy-duty zip makes it easy to get into and out of. This is great for anyone with limited mobility or who feels the cold when outside.

Splash Waterproof Wheelchair Cosy