Pressure relief cushions are essential to help prevent pressure sores from developing. It is important to choose the right type of pressure relief care cushion for yourself or a loved one. Pressure relief cushions range in price and materials, which can make it difficult to decide which cushion is more suited to your situation. Before deciding on the cushion that is right for you then first ask yourself a few questions.

What is the Level of Risk?

Pressure relief cushions normally have four classifications: Low Risk, Medium Risk, High Risk, and Very High Risk. The level of risk depends on the risk of pressure sores developing, how severe are any existing pressure sores, and how mobile is the user.

How do Pressure Relief Cushions help?

The most important thing that pressure relief cushions are designed for is to reduce peak pressure zones on the skin, this means that the user’s weight is spread over a larger surface area. They are designed to minimise friction which pulls or rubs against the skin and can exacerbate any pressure sores or lead to a risk of pressure sores developing. ‘These cushions must also be breathable so as to reduce any sweat or moisture build-up on the skin, which can lead to a worsening of the pressure sore risk.

What’s the Difference Between Low and High Risk Cushions?

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A lot can depend on the materials used. Normally Cushions for Low and Medium risk patients are made of foam. While higher specification cushions are often made of a combination of materials. High and Very High-Risk cushions may use a mix of layers including memory foam and gel.

How do I choose the right cushion?

It is important that you seek expert advice when choosing the cushion that is right for your particular situation. We can give you guidance on which cushion may best suit your lifestyle and situation including the risk levels, what type of seat your will be sitting in, and the level of risk.





Designed to give maximum comfort and relief. The Bari-Care Range features temperature reactive Visco elastic foam that conforms to the body, decreases pressure and increases comfort. This range is designed for the larger user and support weight up to 254kg.