Orthopaedic Supports

Neo G Medical and lifestyle Orthopaedic Supports have been designed by Orthopaedic Professionals creating a range of medical grade orthopaedic supports to suit all ages, body types and events.  Manufactured with comfort and durability at the forefront of the design.  The Neo G supports come in different ranges to ensure there is something to suit everyone.

  1. Neo G RX Xcelerator

This range is 100% breathable and embedded with silver and aloe vera.  A cotton lining makes it suitable for sensitive wearers.  The embedded silver promotes blood circulation which aids rehabilitation.  The embedded aloe vera helps with skin repair and tone.

2. Neo G Airflow Range

These unisex, lightweight and slimline supports will fit either left or right side.  Designed to help support injured and week muscles and/or joints during sporting and occupational tasks.  They assist with sprains, strains, instability and arthritic joints.  The specialist breathable fabric helps with moisture control.

3. Neo G VCS Range

All the VCS supports are designed to put you in control of tightness as all this range are fully adjustable.

  • universal size
  • fit perfectly every time
  • compression is fully adjustable even in the presence of swelling
  • medical grade neoprene provides excellent heat retention
  • support edges bound for extra comfort
  • thin design allows them to worn at work, or playing sport
  • can be worn in connection with the Neo G 3D Hot and Cold Compression Support System