SecuCare Threshold Ramp Extension Pieces

SecuCare Threshold Ramp – Extension Pieces – Set 1. Adds 24cm on to Set 1. Ideal for those with limited mobility to gain access over door thresholds, either inside or outside. There are extension kits available for all 4 sets to make the ramp wider if required









Product Description

SecuCare Threshold Ramp Extension Pieces: Expand Your Accessibility Effortlessly

SecuCare Threshold Ramp Extension Pieces are the perfect complement to the SecuCare Threshold Ramps, designed to enhance accessibility for the elderly and those with mobility issues. These extension pieces seamlessly add 24cms to each ramp within the Set 1, 2, 3, and 4 range. Elevate your independence and make daily transitions smoother with this thoughtful addition to your mobility aids.

Benefits of the SecuCare Threshold Ramp Extension Pieces

Durable Plastic Construction: Crafted from durable plastic guarantees longevity and resilience, ensuring reliable support over an extended period.

Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Use: Versatile enough for use in both indoor and outdoor environments, these adapt to different settings for consistent accessibility.

Lightweight and Durable: The lightweight design ensures ease of handling, while the durable construction provides robust support, making it an ideal solution for daily use.

Easily Dismantled: Designed for user convenience, they can be easily dismantled, offering flexibility in setup and storage as needed.

5-Year Warranty: Backed by a 5-year warranty to inspire confidence in their quality, providing users with peace of mind and assurance.

Maintenance-Free: Experience hassle-free usage with these maintenance-free extension pieces, minimising the need for constant upkeep while ensuring consistent performance.

Installation Tools Provided: Equipped with the necessary installation tools, the extension pieces facilitate a straightforward setup, allowing users to enhance their accessibility promptly.

Easy Assembly: Designed for easy assembly, making the process efficient and user-friendly for individuals with varying levels of mobility.

Expand Accessibility Effortlessly: Add 24cms of additional height to Set 1, 2, 3, and 4 ramps, extending accessibility and accommodating different threshold heights seamlessly.

Versatile Usage: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, these extension pieces provide consistent support in various environments.

Enhanced Durability: Crafted from durable plastic, the extension pieces offer long-lasting durability, ensuring reliable support for individuals with mobility challenges.

User-Friendly Design: Lightweight, easily dismantled, and backed by a 5-year warranty, these extension pieces prioritize user comfort, convenience, and long-term assurance.

Whether indoors or outdoors, the durable and lightweight design ensures dependable support, while the 5-year warranty and maintenance-free usage provide peace of mind. Elevate your mobility aid experience with these user-friendly extension pieces, offering versatility and reliability for a more accessible lifestyle. Choose SecuCare for seamless transitions and increased independence.


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Set 1, Set 2, Set 3, Set 4