Harley Universal Support Belt

Designed to ease central and lower back pain, this belt is ideal support for lumbago or sports injuries.






Product Description

Experience Relief and Stability with the Harley Universal Support Belt

Say goodbye to central and lower back pain with the Harley Universal Support Belt—an innovative solution designed to provide exceptional support without sacrificing your freedom of movement. Crafted to stabilize the hips and pelvis through gentle compression, this belt is perfect for individuals with active lifestyles or those engaged in manual occupations. The detachable side pulls offer customizable additional support, making it an ideal choice for addressing lumbago and sports injuries.

Benefits of  the Harley Universal Support Belt

  • Versatile Support: Specifically created for central and lower back pain, addressing a range of discomfort.
  • Pelvis Stabilization: Offers effective compression to stabilize the hips and pelvis without restricting movement.
  • Detachable Side Pulls: Tailor your support with detachable side pulls for added stability when needed.
  • Active Lifestyle Solution: Ideal for individuals with a manual occupation or those leading an active life.
  • Lumbago Relief: Provides targeted support to alleviate the challenges associated with lumbago.
  • Sports Injury Aid: Whether you’re recovering from a sports injury or preventing one, this belt has you covered.
  • Pain Relief: Experience relief from central and lower back pain for enhanced daily comfort.
  • Unrestricted Movement: Enjoy the benefits of compression support without compromising your natural range of motion.
  • Customizable Support: Detachable side pulls allow you to personalize the level of additional support.
  • Active Living: Stay active and engaged in your favorite activities with the confidence of added support.
  • Versatile Use: Whether you’re dealing with lumbago or recovering from a sports injury, this belt is your go-to solution.

Choose the Harley Universal Support Belt and embrace a life free from the constraints of back pain, ensuring optimal support for your active endeavors


Product Specification

  • 1 x Harley Universal Support Belt
  • Small : 56cm – 69cm (22″ – 27″)
  • Medium : 71cm – 84cm (28″ – 33″)
  • Large : 86cm – 99cm (34″ – 39″)
  • Extra Large : 102cm – 114cm (40″ – 45″)

Colour : Black

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