Alerta Foam Mattress Underlay

A 2″ underlay designed to be used underneath an Alerta air mattress system to protect the patient in the event of a power failure or during CPR.







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Product Description

Alerta Sensaflex Foam Mattress Underlay: Comfort, Protection, and Peace of Mind

The Alerta Sensaflex Foam Mattress Underlay is a 2″ underlay designed to be the ultimate safeguard in the event of a power failure or during CPR when using an Alerta air mattress system. Its primary purpose is to ensure patient safety while providing comfort, care, and effective pressure redistribution. Ideal for hospitals, care homes, and nursing homes, this underlay is a vital addition to any healthcare setting, ensuring that patient well-being remains the top priority.

Benefits of our Alerta Sensaflex Foam Mattress

  • Complementary Underlay: Designed to be used underneath an Alerta air mattress system, this underlay acts as a protective layer, offering peace of mind in critical situations.
  • Emergency Power Failure Protection: In the unfortunate event of a power failure, the underlay steps in to provide crucial protection for patients.
  • Enhanced Comfort: The underlay adds a layer of comfort, ensuring that patients receive the care they deserve during their stay in healthcare facilities.
  • Effective Pressure Redistribution: Designed to minimize pressure points and distribute weight evenly, this underlay contributes to the prevention of pressure ulcers and patient discomfort.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for use in hospitals, care homes, and nursing homes, this underlay is a versatile solution for various healthcare settings.
  • Easy Maintenance: The cover is conveniently machine washable and can be tumble dried, ensuring hygiene and ease of cleaning. The foam underlay can also be autoclaved for thorough sterilisation.
  • Patient Safety: The primary function of this underlay is to ensure patient safety during critical situations, such as power outages or emergency medical procedures like CPR.
  • Enhanced Well-Being: Patients experience comfort and care, contributing to their overall well-being and recovery.
  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention: The underlay’s pressure redistribution properties help in preventing pressure ulcers, a critical consideration in healthcare settings.
  • Cost-Effective and Efficient: Its machine-washable cover and autoclavable foam offer cost savings and efficient maintenance while maintaining the highest hygiene standards.
  • Versatile and Reliable: Designed to adapt to various healthcare environments, this underlay is a reliable choice for facilities seeking to prioritize patient safety and care.

The Alerta Sensaflex Foam Mattress Underlay goes beyond comfort, offering a critical layer of protection for patients in healthcare settings. When patient safety is paramount, this underlay provides the ultimate solution, ensuring that comfort, care, and pressure redistribution are never compromised. Invest in the well-being of your patients and the efficiency of your healthcare facility with this essential addition.

Product Specification

  • Mattress Dimensions: 198cm x 90cm x 5cm  (78″ x 35.5″ x 2″)
  • Multi-stretch, vapour permeable PU cover
  • Water-resistant cover
  • Antimicrobial cover with a white underside
  • BS7177: Crib 5

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