Live Well Now stock a wide range of Wheelchair Accessories to assist at home or when you are out and about. We have a full range of Waterproof Wheelchair Clothing, a range of wheelchair bags, Gloves for both summer and winter, wheelchair blankets. We also have a full range of Pressure Relieving Wheelchair Cushions.

Wheelchair Bags

Our range of Wheelchair Bags includes the Walking Stick Bag with two side sleeves to hold either your crutches or walking sticks in place. Both bags are durable and waterproof with different pockets. They are ideal for storing waterproof clothing when not in use.

Wheelchair Comfort Blankets

Our lovely tartan fleece blankets are available in 4 different designs. Ideal for use in a wheelchair to cover the lap and lower limbs. Great for added warmth either at home or outside.

Radar Key

A Radar Key is an easy to use key that gives you access to over 10,000 disabled toilets throughout the UK. These toilets can be located in shops, restaurants, parks, and airports. The radar key gives you the confidence to know a toilet will always be open for you when required.

Wheelchair Seat Covers

These lovely soft seat covers are 100% Pure New Wool. They are great at absorbing perspiration from the skin stopping it from becoming clammy and allowing the skin to breath more effectively.

Wheelchair Lap Belt

Designed to prevent the wheelchair user from falling out of the wheelchair or slipping forward. Gives addiction security and confidence.

Wheelchair Thoracic Back Support with Laterals

This helps with the prevention of incorrect spinal alignment by stabilising the trunk to maintain a mid-line position.