Vida Female Washable Pants

Our Washable Pants are Ideal for light urinary incontinence as they provide comfort and protection for continence care.








Product Description

Vida Female Washable Pants: Gentle Continence Care for Light Incontinence

Experience the Vida Female Washable Pants, thoughtfully designed to address the needs of individuals dealing with light urinary incontinence. These pants offer a perfect blend of comfort and protection, providing an ideal solution for continence care. The stay-dry lining next to the skin ensures the wearer remains comfortably dry, contributing to a more confident and relaxed experience. Discover a reliable and reusable option for managing light incontinence with Vida Female Washable Pants. Explore the Vida Male Washable Pants for tailored options.

Benefits of Vida Female Washable Pants

  • Tailored for Light Incontinence: Specifically crafted to cater to individuals experiencing light urinary incontinence. Offering discreet and reliable protection, these pants prioritise comfort and confidence throughout daily activities.
  • Comfort and Protection in Harmony:  Engineered to provide a discreet yet effective solution for managing light incontinence, these pants enable individuals to go about their daily lives with ease.
  • Stay-Dry Lining: The stay-dry lining, nestled next to the skin, is a standout feature. Engineered to keep the wearer dry, this innovative lining enhances overall comfort and minimises the impact of light incontinence, promoting a sense of well-being.
  • Absorbency: 300mls: Offer an absorbency level of approximately 300mls, making them an excellent choice for managing light urinary incontinence. This optimal absorbency level ensures effectiveness without compromising ease of use.
  • Confident Continence Care: Tailored for light incontinence, these washable pants provide a reliable solution, empowering individuals to manage their condition with confidence and dignity.
  • Stay-Dry Comfort: The stay-dry lining contributes to a comfortable and hygienic experience by keeping the wearer dry, even during instances of light incontinence.
  • Reusable and Sustainable: Embrace the convenience of reusable continence care. Easy to wash and maintain, these pants offer a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative.
  • Comprehensive Options: For a holistic approach to continence care, consider exploring the Vida Male Washable Pants, providing tailored options to cater to individual preferences and needs.

Vida Female Washable Pants redefine continence care, offering a gentle, comfortable, and reliable solution for those managing light urinary incontinence. Prioritize comfort and confidence with these thoughtfully designed washable pants.

  • 1 x Vida Ladies Washable Pants
  • Small:  81cm – 89cm  (32″ – 35″)
  • Medium:  91cm – 99cm  (36″ – 39″)
  • Large:  102cm – 109cm  (40″ – 43″)
  • Extra Large:  112cm – 119cm  (44″ – 47″)
  • XX Large:  122cm – 132cm  (48″ – 52″)

Colour:  White


L, M, S, XL, XXL